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People think that to plan a Mountain Climbing Trips whose goal is to get to the top of the mountain involves the help of a number of companies / tools that will help them get there, such as: a travel company, a climbing equipment company, etc.

In the business world, too, the situation is relatively similar, if you build a website you will need a web designer, website builder, developer, SEO analyst, copywriter and the list goes on. Same thing with branding and social media.

Guest what? It's not!

Throughout the years as an office that works with freelancers, Tomash has accumulated knowledge throughout the digital world, in the field of websites, in the field of social networks and in the field of branding. This means that Tomash is one big package, and when there is one package (company), the way to the top of the mountain does not depend on several packages (companies).


We create awesome websites.

Did you know that the average time a user enters the site, to decide whether to stay on the site or not, is between 5 and 9 seconds.

Tomesh, with the help of experience and knowledge gained over the years, knows how to reduce abandonment or extend the user's stay on the site, using, trendy and correct ui/ux design, impressive and mesmerizing images, colors and fonts adapted to the product and other methods.

Awesome branding.

Company interior is the most important thing in the business, customers can identify even before the interest in the business and the product, if the company invests in itself as it invests in the product and even in their customers.

Branding is not just a logo, behind the branding there is a design, sales thinking and ways to make customers look at the product and at the business as quality and efficient.


Awesome Socials.

We are seeing over the years that many businesses do not use / give up on social networks and do not recognize the potential to use them as a tool for advertising and continuing to keep in touch with customers.

Social networks are a very effective and cheap advertising tool, through which you can expose your business and product to potential customers who do not recognize your existence.

A handy tool that comes with filtering capability by presenting an advertising presence to future customers relevant to the business and product.

Some Awesome Projects.

Ice Fruits


Dunia Restaurant

Web design & develop

Burger King Israel

Social Media
The digital world is just like the wild nature, any mistake can lead you to prey


Our knowledge, seniority and professionalism will make your business a winning tool

Our Services

This is not a cliché! We believe in the concept

Your success is our success

Tomash has also gained experience in understanding which platforms are best to use so that everything runs and works properly. For example: We use the WordPress platform for building websites, because in terms of modification and editing it is very convenient and easy to use and in terms of promotion, Google finds it easier and faster to promote it organically for free.
These are the platforms we are using

Social Media

Think your business is exactly what your closest customers need but they are unaware of your existence. Social networking is a very successful and accurate sales tool, but in order for customers to be impressed by it and see it as professional and intriguing it must look designed, with the right copywriting and appealing to the target audience. We'll take care of that.

Web Design & Development

Build responsive websites that are suitable for any type of screen. Including website characterization and UI / UX design that aims to make the website accessible in an optimal way. We build and design the site according to the business and in accordance with the expectations and purpose of the product. From  Corporate Websites to E-commerces for selling online.

Branding & Design

So you have an existing idea / business and you feel that something is missing in order to be a brand. We will characterize the business, the field, the product, the customers and we will continue with quality design, and thus a branding is built that produces a marketing envelope for the business and the product even before the sales stages. The beginning is important for the business branding and quality

Graphic Design

In the current era competition for the customer is tough, especially in the digital world. Precise, sophisticated and correct design conveys an amazing marketing message. In addition, it causes the business and the product to leap forward to the goal very quickly and even break through the limitations of the business in some cases.

Membership Applications

Keep customers "close" to the business by a smart app that manages the entire array. With a system that identifies customers' buying habits, a mailing system, a coupon system, promotions, etc. Through them, high percentages increase the return of customers, strengthen the relationship and thus increase the turnover of the business.


Advancing with technology and advancing the business a few steps forward in one go. An online store that is a super sales agent! Why Super? Works 24/7, displays all products at once, knows how to manage inventory on the site, knows how to target related products and promotions. Of course an online store is a site for everything, you can promote it, update it, etc.

The comment below are just a sample of the 1000+ clients worldwide who transformed their business with Tomash.

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